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Why Book A Tour With Phuket Tours Direct?


Phuket Tours Direct is the leading tour agency in Phuket selling large volumes of tours every year hence receiving excellent offers from the tour operators that very few tour agencies enjoy why we are certain we offer the best prices for tours in Phuket.

There is a vaste amount of websites selling tours in Phuket claiming to offer tours for the lowest prices. We regularly scan other websites and we have seen all tricks in the book to make customers believe a certain website has the lowest prices. Watch out for websites advertising child prices, adding tax, not being transparent about national park fees and transfer fees, adding transfer fees when the tour operator does not charge transfer fee, advertising premium or luxury tours when all tours are basically the same, advertising promotion prices even though the prices are the same all year around.

Many people believe that it is cheaper to buy a tour on the street than online. That might be true if you know exactly what tour operator you are looking for and you are a seasoned bargainer. Mostly you will only find a lower price for a tour with an inferior tour operator. Websites offering surprisingly low prices may be outright scams or you may end up being on a tour dedicated to Chinese or Russian tourists.


Phuket Tours Direct has been listed on Tripadvisor for many years having hundreds of reviews consistingly scoring more than 80% Excellent or Very Good why we in 2017 finally were awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence as well as for 2018 and 2019.

Almost no other tour agency in Phuket has a listing on TripAdvisor why they might be unconcerned about what tours they offer and rejecting refund claims without risking getting poor reviews. If you find another tour agent on TripAdvisor with very good review ratings it is advisable to check how many reviews the reviewers have posted before. In the case of most reviewers only having posted that single review it is very likely that some perks have been offered to customers agreeing to post a good review.

We have focused on presenting clearly visible and transparent information about national park fees and transfer fees under each tour in order for customers to be informed about all prices and fees already in the first step of the booking process.

Tour Quality

Phuket Tours Direct has been selling tours for many years in Phuket allowing us to filter out poorly performing tour operators after having received customer complaints about tours we have been selling in the past.

Many tour agencies in Phuket may be unconcerned about what tour operators they use since they do not have any means for customers to post reviews and therefore may be choosing low performing tour operators who can only compete by offering a lower price since no tour agency would use their services otherwise.
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